Miniature Wire-HairedDachshunds

Future Stars

And as promised - here are our new Future Stars. From our Champion Emem Candy Sunshine and proud daddy, Champion Ridanflight Ricardo. 3 girls and 2 boys born on Tuesday 10th April. As usual, Candy is taking it all in her stride and the puppies are in fine fettle!


2016 - Emem are pleased to introduce their new babies. Champion Emem Candy Sunshine (Candy) has 2 boys and 1 girl (sire Ch Ridanflight Ricardo) and Bimini Time Travel To Emem (Astral) has 2 girls (sire Emem Storms Ahead) They are now playing together and their mums are having some well earned time off! Here they are tired after a hectic play session .....

The puppies are growing well and now getting into all kinds of Mischief!

Jungle Adventures!!

Curious Puppies ..... what is over there????

Exploring ..... interesting smells, sights and sounds!

Hello Puppy!!!


Below are pictures of puppies from previous litters





We have now progressed to a big bed ........

Below - all are shattered after meeting and greeting prospective owners!

And now the boys have left little Icy all alone ....