Miniature Wire-HairedDachshunds

Past Stars


The Emem journey began a long time ago and there are numerous dogs that we would like to remember through these pages. Although we do not have pictures of them all that will successfully scan for the web, we have selected some that give you a flavour of our Past Stars.

This is our Reserve CC winning Beagle Stewartdene Millionaire at Emem and below are Beagle babies.

Next came the Border Collies ...... Kale Party Girl, our ISDS Registered Border Collie, worked Test C Obedience and lived to be 20 years old. She was the dam of Obedience Champion Jaff (owner Ken Smith) who won Crufts Obedience in 1984.

Our foundation mini-wire bitch is Mopsie, below. Morsefield Millie Mopsie at Emem, by CH Percy Vere of Drakesleat and Altogether Likely of Blison

Above - Mopsie - 21.09.1983 to June 2001

Below - Monty and Mimic - won Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Bitch at almost every show during their puppy careers. These were by CH Drakesleat Speak Easy out of Mopsie. Monty, CH Emem Mumbojumbo won 4 CC's, whilst Mimic, Emem Misinterpret, was a Reserve CC winner.

Early Emems out for a walk

Above is CH Emem Mindyerown Bizniz, a son of Monty and CH Emem Mindyer Manners - became top stud dog of his year.

Pringle. 19.3.1999 - 7.6.2017

Above is Pringle, (Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem) aged 10 years in the picture! She was a top Veteran winner and has produced CH Emem Wind in the Willows, Emem Twirly Girl (1CC, 2 RCC's) and Emem Airy Fairy (2 CC's) ...... out of 2 litters!


Emem Storms Ahead 23/04/07 - 6/11/17

Storm had a successful career, both in the showring and as a very useful, clear stud dog. His progeny carry on his lovely temperament, coat and compact size. Sadly Storm left us far too soon because of a stomach tumour.


Others who deserve a mention here are CH Emem Milkshake for Afterglow, IR CH Emem Hello Ena,IR CH Emem Eartha Quake, Emem Magical Man (1CC 3RCC's), Emem Morris Minor JW, Emem Minnie the Minx JW and Emem Hot Gossip.


Click on the names below for pictures of our other Past Stars



Our Kerry Blue Terrier, Reserve CC winning Kencot Midnight Blues at Emem



CH Emem Mindyer Manners - Best of Breed at Crufts Centenary Year 1991 - by CH Drakesleat Take the Rap x Emem Magic Mongoose - she is also the dam of CH Emem Mindyerown Bizniz



CH Emem Stormin Norman - Best of Breed Crufts 1993 - by CH Guiness of Drakesleat x Emem Misinterpret



CH and Irish CH Emem Nipper in the Air - won the Dog CC at Crufts 2003 - by CH Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere x Irish CH Emem Wendy Wind Blows - she was by CH Emem Mindyerown Bizniz and Drakesleat Holiv Hoil at Emem



CH Emem Wind in the Willows - by CH Emem Nipper in the Air x "Pringle" - Dacatec Mindyerpeasncues Emem



Emem Manner 'Bout Town - 3 Reserve CC's



Emem Twirly Girl - by CH Emem Nipper in the Air x "Pringle" - winner of 1 CC and 2 Reserve CC's



Emem Storms Ahead - winner of 2 CC's. Here is his pedigree



Emem Airy Fairy at Deepdax - winner of 2 CC's



Not forgetting Sunny, our Sun Conure who lives loose among the Emem dachshunds!